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the ultimate self-care




At DRIP CHATTANOOGA, it is our goal to give the gift of health, happiness, and hydration to all.

It is no secret that hydration is a key component in life. What is a secret is how much better you will feel, function, and thrive in your day to day life.


Our signature blend of IV infusion cocktails will help you reach your optimal performance no matter what challenge you are facing!

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​Our infusion center, located in the Southside Chattanooga, offers many benefits including fast relief for various conditions such as:

Increased hydration and replenishment of electrolytes

Higher cell absorption of nutrients and 100% bio-availability

Anti-aging properties

Weight Control

Seasonal allergies

Decreased inflammation

Pain Relief

Nausea Relief

Increased athletic performance

Increased energy (fatigue)


Immunity boost for common cold and flu symptoms

Travel (Jet-lag)


what we offer

We all have different health goals and each client's needs vary. Our medical team will help you find and customize the right IV Drip protocol, so you can feel your absolute best.

Think cellularly -- energize and restore your body from the inside out. 

We offer drips designed for many nutritional and health issues with a focus on Holistic care to treat the root cause of diseases and create a preventative mindset.








Medical Director

About Dr. Laura Purdy, MD - “America’s Favorite Doctor”
Licensed in all 50 states plus DC and known as “America’s Favorite Doctor,”
Dr. Laura Purdy, MD is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician who has been featured in Vogue
Dr. Purdy’s interest in helping people drew her out of a lucrative professional
career as a performing pianist to earn a BA in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)
from Ball State University and then attend medical school at the Uniformed
Services University of the Health Sciences. Graduating from family medicine residency at Georgia’s Martin
Army Hospital, she began 14 years of service as a US Army physician, caring for men and women from all
over the country undergoing basic training, airborne school, ranger school, and soldiers on post. During
that time, she delivered hundreds of babies and treated hundreds of soldiers on the ground.
She then relocated to North Carolina to serve as Battalion Surgeon, where she first practiced telemedicine
while overseeing the care of special operations combat medics deployed to Africa. This experience
prepared her for the med/peds hospitalist role at the Fort Campbell, Kentucky Army Hospital. She then
went on to help build the Army’s extensive telemedicine networks before doing the same for dozens of
private virtual health companies.
Upon leaving the military, Dr. Purdy discovered her passion for ensuring equal access to quality healthcare
for everyone in America. She immersed herself in the digital healthcare industry, seeing over 20,000 virtual
patients as the first full-time telemedicine physician and Medical Director for MDLIVE. This led to a key role
in bringing virtual treatment to COVID-19 pandemic patients and those in the Ukraine war zone. Now, Dr.
Purdy is a sought-after digital medicine expert serving as Medical Director/Co-Founder and advisor for
more than 50 leading telehealth providers, including Hims and Hers, Wisp, OpenLoop, and MDintegrations -
a telehealth company designed to deliver care for health tech startups across North America.
Dr. Purdy resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband of 10 years, juggling a busy “mompreneur” life
with four kids under the age of 10! At the young age of 37, the well-deserved title of “America’s Favorite
Doctor” has been awarded to her by colleagues across the nation. Fueled by a passion and drive to help as
many people as she can, Dr. Laura Purdy uses her role as a C-Suite executive to carry out a vision of
establishing the most advanced telehealth systems. Bringing together the greatest minds in medicine, she
seeks to help millions of people using the best that technology has to offer.

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